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About Me

Jessica Sagastume, LMHC, NCC, QS

#MH16756  Licensed Therapist

Qualified Supervisor for Mental Health and

Marriage & Family Interns 

Florida Supreme Court Family Mediator

Adjunct Professor - Hodges University

(Applied Psychology Program)

From a young age, I always knew that helping people was a passion of mine. I graduated with my B.S. degree in legal studies at Florida Gulf Coast University in 2012 and moved onto pursuing a law degree at Barry Law in Orlando, FL. My goal was to specialize in family law and assist families in finding resolution during a difficult period of time. Sitting in my classroom, I came to the realization that my desire to serve others was not in a courtroom, but to lead individuals on a voyage to self-discovery in an effort to overcome any difficulties, achieve personal goals, and manage a productive life. After much soul searching, I entered into the University of Central Florida's Mental Health Counseling, M.A. Program, where I received intensive professional training. I graduated with my Master's degree in mental health counseling in 2014. I relocated to SWFL where I have been practicing locally for 3 years. My clinical experience includes counseling at University of Central Florida's Community Counseling Clinic, UCF's Marriage

& Family Research Institute, Florida Hospital's Center for Family Care Counseling Department, and Samaritan Health & Wellness Center, Inc. As a bilingual counselor, I provide both English and Spanish counseling services. From the moment individuals enter my office, I encourage them to “trust the process” as they embark upon their therapeutic journey of healing and self-discovery. I integrate various treatment interventions to develop the most appropriate holistic treatment plan to meet each of my clients’ needs. Most importantly, my hope is to create a safe space where clients can explore distressing issues, and begin the healing process. I challenge my clients to view this journey with excitement and remind them through every step that there is still hope! Si todavia hay esperanza!


My Therapeutic Approach

Passionate Bilingual Counselling Professional

I received my training from a Top 10 Counseling program in the U.S. I graduated in 2016 with my Masters in Mental Health Counseling from the University of Central Florida, and completed the certificate program in marriage and family therapy. My therapeutic approach is CBT and SFBT. Our thoughts have an immense effect on our feelings and behaviors. I teach clients to recognize and manage these patterns. I also integrate various interventions to develop the most appropriate holistic treatment plan to meet each of my clients' needs.

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