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Internship Opportunities
For Registered Mental Health and Marriage and Family Interns in Florida


My Supervision Approach

I remember being an intern therapist and walking into my first therapy session, feeling anxious and wondering if I would “survive” my first session. With the help of some amazing clinical mentors, I was able to overcome my "new counselor" anxiety and begin to develop my own personality/style as a clinician. My main goal as a supervisor is to make sure that my interns feel supported and help them gain confidence in their own professional identity as a therapist.


Through our supervision together, you will be able to learn about the role client-therapist relationships have on the dynamic in the therapy room. You will also be encouraged to explore different therapeutic approaches and tap into your creative side as you explore different therapeutic approaches, strategies, and skills.


When working with clients, my therapeutic orientation is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Attachment Theory. When working with couples, with my Level 1 Gottman training, I apply the Gottman Method. I encourage my supervisees to develop their own theoretical orientation throughout their supervision experience. My goal is to challenge you to flourish into the unique therapist you are meant to be.   

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Supervisee Candidate

With the fast-paced life individuals in society face, the rise of online therapy has given many people the chance to have access to treatment that they may not have when limited to visiting a therapist in a physical office. I work with supervisees that are looking to tap into telehealth or hybrid services and have a passion for entering private practice.

Ideal Candidate Under My Supervision

Supervisee candidates that would benefit from my style of supervision are:

  • Registered Mental Health Counselor Interns, and Registered Marriage and Family Interns in Florida.

  • Have graduated from their Master's program and looking to seek supervision as part of the state licensure requirement. 

  • Interested in investing in their clinical and professional development.

  • Interested in engaging in telehealth therapy services and desiring the flexible scheduling benefits from remote office hours.

  • For RHMCI’s: Focused on completing their internship within 2.5 years.

  • Looking to expand their “textbook” knowledge into “real-world” application.

What to Expect:

Choosing a qualified supervisor and/or a place to clinically train is a very important decision that will greatly influence your development as a therapist. As a supervisor, I am 100% committed to ensuring that my supervisees are granted hands on access and guidance throughout every step of their internship experience. Benefits supervisees receive under my supervision are:

  • Transparent conversations about our role as therapists, what to expect in the therapy room, my therapy experiences, and clinical expertise.

  • Hybrid supervision meetings (in-office & telehealth).

  • Choose between Individual, dyadic, and group supervision sessions 

  • Easy access to me for any questions that may arise.

  • Direct access to clinical intake forms, assessments, and client resources/handouts.

  • Opportunity for real-time observation of supervisor leading a therapy session

  • Mentorship on the basics of developing a private practice.

  • Marketing benefits on my website.

  • Client referrals  

  • Opportunity to hold in-office and telehealth sessions with clients without the commitment to a office lease contract.


If you are interested in my supervision services, I would love to schedule a time to chat. Just as choosing a supervisor is a significant decision, it is important for me as a supervisor to ensure that I supervisees are committed to investing and growing in their professional development.


(Please note: Internship opportunities are competitive as I strive to provide individualized and unique mentoring to my supervisees. An interview will be scheduled with the candidate and supervisor to meet to ensure a good fit and that this clinical experience aligns with the candidate’s professional goals.)

Internship Interest Form

If you are interested in an internship opportunity, please complete the interest form. Be sure to include the month and year of your planned internship start date.  I will get back to you via email within two business days with an application and dates for an interview.  

Thanks for submitting!

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