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Couple's Therapy

Restoring a better level of functioning in couples & overcoming relationship distress.


I work with couples to identify problems in the relationship. I also work with couples to develop healthier communication, conflict resolutions skills to have a happier and healthier relationship.


What to Expect: 

It is very important to thoroughly assess you and your partner's relationship to ensure that everyone have a clear understanding of the problem, goals, and strategies.

Session 1: I meet with you and your partner as a couple. I will provide you with information on what to expect throughout our time together. We will make sure that we are a good fit for each other. I will ask you to provide me with your “Love Story” going back to when you first met. You will share your concerns and goals for therapy. I will provide you with an assessment for you and your partner to completely individually. 

Session 2:  I will meet with each of you individually to understand you as a person. I want to hear each partner’s perspective on the relationship and develop a clearer understanding of your hopes for the relationship.

Session 3: We will meet as a couple to discuss my findings and recommendations based on the assessments conducted in person and ones completed by you and your partner. Collaboratively we will develop a strategic plan that will include your strengths and weaknesses and goals for therapy.

"A single thread of HOPE is still a very powerful thing."

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