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Happiness... to be or not to be, that is the question?

Have you ever heard the saying: “happiness is not a destination, but a way of life.” This sounds very nice and inspirational, but what exactly does this mean? How do we live a happy life? Well you have to choose to live happy. Yes, you are reading this correctly! Happiness is a choice, we make every day when we wake up and start our day. Happiness is taking intentional steps and making adjustments in your life to make room for happiness. Whether it is saying “today will be a great day” from the moment your alarm rings, or choosing to not allow situations to determine your source of happiness. Here are a few questions you can ask yourself every day if you desire to chase after a happy life:

1) Am I expressing love to those I care about on a daily basis?

2) Am I making good choices with what I put into my body? – yes what you eat can and does affect your mood and energy.

3) Am I challenging myself to grow by exploring new passions and hobbies?

4) Am I committing myself to not allow other’s expectations/judgments of me to drain my energy?

Tip of the day: Anything another person does to you has NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU. It is about them, and where the other person/people are.

5) Am I going out of my way to be kind to strangers?

I encourage you to give these questions a try… who knows, you may just cross paths with happiness along the way. 😊 #counselingpsychology #solutionfocusedtherapy #bilingualtherapy #capecoral #fortmyers #fortmyerstherapist #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #restoringhope

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