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It's All About That Wellness Wheel

Have you ever found yourself feeling like the world is running at 100 miles a minute, and catching your breath for just one second seems like an eternity away? As a counselor myself, I have found myself guilty of feeling this way many times. Throughout the years, when feeling like everything around me is out of control, it is a pretty good sign for me to STOP and look at all these things that are demanding time and energy from me. Something from my wellness wheel is unbalanced, and shouting for some love and attention. A wellness wheel you might ask? Yes, a wellness wheel. There are fundamental areas in our lives that require attention and personal investment. Emotional, Social, Spiritual, Financial, Occupational, Environmental, & Physical are very important areas for us to check in with from time to time.


7 Dimensions of Wellness


How do you begin to even know what the status of what your wellness wheel looks like? Click on the following link to learn: Stay tuned to learn more about how to feed each of the 7 domains. Just remember that having self-awareness is the first step to making healthy change and creating healthy habits! #fortmyerstherapist #restoringhopecounseling #wellnesswheel #mentalhealthawareness

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